tattwa circle

The Path of Return

Do you feel spiritually "bankrupt"? Do you want to "come home" at last?
Are you longing for "inner contact" and guidance? Do you want to both feel and know that you are "nearer my God to Thee?"
Use this modern update of the ancient mystery teachings to discover and fulfill the purpose of your life. You can "have it all" – an abundant life and spiritual awakening.

• Practical Manifestation Keys
• The Great Work
• Qabalah, Tree of Life
• Tarot, Cube of Space
• Meditation, Chanting
• Western Mystery Tradition
• Hermetics, Chakras
• Hebrew Alphabet
• Astrology, Alchemy, Aspiration
• Sacred Geometry, Theurgy
• Nutrition, Detoxification
• Spiritual Awakening

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Construction of the Tree of Life
There is a Path of Return of consciousness to its source. Inherent in all of us is a kind of homing mechanism. Like the adult salmon who instinctively seeks out his place of origin and returns there to spawn, humans who reach a stage of spiritual maturity long for and make the arduous journey home to our source. The specialized training taught here will lead you to master your life and to experience conscious immortality.
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